Business Intelligence Today…

Time to time you find people talking about how much the Business Intelligence is changing today. But if you go back 10 to 15 years in the past, you will find a scary place where all the tools that you love are not there. So you can say BI is just a “new” technology that is still evolving. If you are a BI Developer and you believe all your knowledge will help you in the future… I have bad news for you.

As a Microsoft BI developer, 5 years ago we used Sharepoint to create dashboards, with PerformancePoint or PowerView. If you’re new at this, maybe you’ll find it funny. Now everyone is talking about QuikView, Tableau or PowerBI, and actually, that’s great! but you have to understand that in 5 years forward someone will laugh at you. Let’s be clear I really love these new tools, I am a PowerBI user, but you have to be prepared for new coming and amazing tools.

Do not expect me to talk about “the amazing BigData” or “the incredible R programming” (let’s discuss these topics in the future). I believe the way we see BI today will be changed by Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing. Microsoft (Cognitive Services) and IBM (Watson) are working very hard to provide easy to use and really applicable tools that can be used inside our dashboards to create new insights. Of course, everything is related, including IoT and BigData, but from my point of view, these tools are just a way to go and not the final destination.

So, if you are looking for a clue about what is next in BI, I suggest start at this point: “The current tools and technologies will continue changing, and the next step is to include predictions and software that mimics the functioning of the human brain”


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